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Chipboard screw

DIN7505, Chipboard Screws,Double Countersunk/pozi Head,Full or Partial thread, C1018 or C1012+Harden

Product Details

Description: Chipboard Screws,Double Countersunk/pozi Head,Full or Partial thread, C1018 or C1012+Harden

Industry: Construction, Furniture

Applications:This type of screw can be used in chipboard and soft wood types without predrilling, due to its thin core diameter and sharp angle of the thread. This sharp thread cuts into wood with lower splitting effects, while simultaneously reducing the insertion torque.

Type: tapping screw

Materials: Steel 1018, Stainless Steel 304/410

Surface treatment: zinc plated, bronze plated, copper plated, passivated

Head Type: double csk head, single csk head

Drive Type: torx, philip, pozi

Standard: DIN 7505

Certificate:Material Chemical Certificate, Inspection Report